EzWapi Whatsapp Gateway

Created for business

EzWapi Whatsapp Gateway is designed to create chat bots and integrate WhatsApp with business systems: CRM, ERP or a website. EzWapi Whatsapp Gateway is already used for many projects: sending and reading messages from the CRM-system, recording in the beauty salon, sending details of the vacancy or chat-bot with promotional codes.

Whatsapp Gateway API for developers

Create a chat bot in a couple of hours or integrate into 6,000 dialogs per day in PHP, JavaScript, Google Docs, Python, Java, C# or even VBA.
No more Message Limit

No need to worry that the costs will be large. There are additional fees for sending messages. You can use it without additional fees.

Unlimited Number

You can pair your WhatsApp as many times as you want with quickly and easily. There are no certain restrictions when using this service.

Simple Api

We use a simple API, where users can send messages via an API under 20 lines. The features we have are simple and easy to use.

Account Filter

You can make and filter WhatsApp accounts easily and quickly. Generate and filter WhatsApp account so that your business can more easily reach consumers.

Webhook callback

If you want to send messages to your server for receiving message, you can use our own API which can facilitate this. Use our Whatsapp Gateway API easily and simply.


You don't need to be afraid of consumers receiving messages too long, our Whatsapp Gateway API can send and receive messages in real time and quickly


How our WhatsApp API works?

A phone with WhatsApp Business or Regular WhatsApp is needed!

Pair a number
Pair your own number, or any other for testing.

Setup your Web Hook
Set up your Web Hook to receive WhatsApp messages.

Start chatting
Send, receive and reply messages through WhatsApp using the API.

Ezwapi whatsapp gateway does not provide numbers, so you can quickly pair your own to interact with the API and make tests.

Free Trial $1

then $14 monthly

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